Wholesale Services - a supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, hose, adapters and quick disconnects for hydraulic and pneumatic hose assemblies.  When you need parts often and at an affordable price, let us know and we will work with you on your wholesale needs.

Cylinder rebuilding and manufacturing

At Unique Hydraulics we specialize in the designing and installation of hydraulic systems for most any need.  Our experience allows us to customize our service to meet the needs of any requirements that may arise.

pump, cylinder, motor, valve rebuilding

We provide custom service to meet the needs of rebuilding, repairing and replacing pumps and motors for a wide range of needs.

custom hose assembles

At Unique Hydraulics our hoses are offered in a range of capabilities to meet your industrial needs.

valves & fittings

We offer a wide-variety of valves and fittings to meet the needs of any application.

Unique Hydraulics  •  358 Fiery Hill Rd, Fort Plain, NY  13339  •  717.690.1597

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