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Custom Cylinders

Custom-built cylinder for your unique needs.  Use the following form to request pricing on a cylinder built for your needs.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Parts - Gordonville PA

Quality, precision, integrity

Precision is essential in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. All of our hydraulic cylinders and components are manufactured in the USA using the highest quality.

We have the right equipment such as the Cylinder Cyclone to ensure Quality, Precision, Integrity from Prototype to Production Run.

New Tool for Heavy Duty Cylinder Repair!
We can Perform Quick Repairs & Tests.
We can extend 10 or 20' if needed for long Cylinders!

Hydraulic Cylinder Capabilities...

  • Design & Engineering - understanding each intended application. we take the time and care to ask the right questions, ensuring purpose-built solutions that go beyond custom-built to proactively address an application’s specific obstacles, environmental challenges, and exacting requirements.
  • Manufacturing - Precision is essential in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. Whether you need one custom-made, purpose-built cylinder or several, King Cylinders works to meet your specifications, from beginning to end.
  • Cylinder Repair - Hydraulic cylinder repair provides us with the opportunity to understand what’s working for them and what’s not, with the existing cylinder.
  • Product Development - King Cylinders' flexible hydraulic cylinder product development capabilities provide innovation and quality assurance from beginning to end. We work with hydraulic distributors and service centers to develop purpose-built hydraulic cylinders that keep machines working for years!

Heavy Duty 2 x 8 Cylinder by King Cylinders

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